I'm the LD.

       A highly experienced and well known Lighting  professional with a good deal of experience in the Entertainment  industry.
With vast experience of Lighting and Video for television Becket can ensure an artist always looks their best on both stage and screen and that the show retains those special moments that can often be lost when a live show is transferred to recorded media.
When it comes to Concert, pre programing & visualization is Beckets favorite part. He likes to spend quality time in the detailing of every sequence.

        Becket's talent lies in his ability to provide a complete visual design package. Ensuring everything from the original concept to the technical implementation of the project is seamless and within budget.

        Becket's biggest strength as a lighting designer is that he treats musicals, concerts, architectural work, television reality, and corporate events very differently. Drawing from years of experience ranging from small club shows through to stadium tours and worldwide television events he can produce a lighting design that will exceed your vision but not your budget.

        Turning the dream of an idea into reality is another of Becket's big strengths. Being able to take a concept for a show and develop these into a working idea, stage and set is proven by the unique designs that are touring the world.

        Always being eager to push the boundaries of available technology and develop new ideas and products Becket leads the way  to take it forward in the industry. With streamlined systems and ideas that save both time and money he can make even the most complicated effect be available to a production.

        Designing how a show looks is one of the hardest parts of any production.  It is also one of the most crucial, it should fit the artist and their vision precisely.  Becket make sure the hardest part of  designing look more easy for any production. Ensuring that they get a visual element that portrays exactly the feeling behind the music, mood & theme. 

        Presently Becket is focussing onto setting up his designing firm Fireflies Architectural Lighting Company. Fireflies Architectural Lighting Company focuses on various fundamental aspects of the illumination of structures, buildings & spaces.

My Story

Soona Wala Agiary Ln, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016, India


Let there be light

Becket Tundatil is a media artist whose work is a fusion of technology, popular culture, and visual information.A highly experienced and well known Lighting professional with a good deal of experience in the Entertainment industry.His work explores the limitations of various communication mediums and its effect on the individual and society.

        Focusing on the visual arts, his work often controls and manipulates light - the common intersection of all visual mediums. While his early work dealt with analyzing how technology and media work, a move to the Middle East in 2004 has seen his focus shift to how technology and media affect. 


         Becket Tundatil has been designing, lighting professionally since 2001. His work has been seen all over the world including Singapore, HongKong,  Malaysia, Kuwait, United States, Canada, and other Art & Entertainment Hubs.

        As an Indian  who was living in Dubai, his art work has progressed towards deeper conceptual themes. These include nationalism, globalism, and popular culture in the age of mass information, and often analyzes the discrepancy in information between Western media and Middle Eastern media along with its effects on people.

       Becket designs reflect thoughtful collaboration with directors, cinematographers, art directors and  designers. Some works  are inspired by a variety of images ranging from fine art to film and literature. In the year 2009, Lighting & Sound International magazine has published a interview which gave him international recognition. 

      On this site you will find samples of  his work which include concerts, film songs/scenes, dance pieces, music festivals and corporate events.  He have designed for Television shows, Architectural Structure, Concerts, Film & Television Award , Beauty Pageants, Film Premiers, Live  Events & Video Projection,  Film Songs & Film Sequences, Product Launches,  Corporate Parties , Etc…